About Me

During my childhood in the UK I developed a love of nature and wildlife. Hours were spent watching birds in their natural setting and at feeders. Family holidays were spent exploring shorelines for fossils and rock pools for crabs. Dog walks with my Grandfather became nature lessons where I was taught about the world around me.
Some years later I developed an interest in photography and I have been fortunate enough to combine these pleasures.
I love being able to spend time outdoors recording the wildlife around me and presenting my sightings through digital medium. Observation without intrusion or disruption gives us an understanding of animal and bird behaviour which enables us to protect the fragile ecosystems that we live in and depend on.
It should be noted by the reader that photography is only a pastime for me, my real job is far away from a camera, so my images are never perfect – in fact, most will be submitted for critique (and picked to pieces) on several forums. By posting to these forums my photography has improved and I am now good enough to be a co-moderator of the Bird Photography Forum on PhotoCamel.com – a role that I enjoy very much.
I try to comply with the philosophy: Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. Kill only time.
Enjoy the photographs and please feel free to email me with any comments.
All pictures appearing in this blog are the exclusive property of the blog owner except where mentioned otherwise and may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced or manipulated in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.